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Make sure that our election systems are reliable and publicly verifiable.

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Since 1996, AF&O has reported and editorialized on news, progressive and GLBT activism, politics, society, religion, pop culture, arts, and lifestyle from a peace-and-justice point of view. Much of AF&O focuses on grassroots activism.

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What is the "30 Something Hour"?

The "30 Something Hour" is a chance for "30 Something" Members of Congress to talk for an hour on the House floor about issues that affect the next generation of Americans. Click image to submit questions to the group or to find individual member contacts click: Contact information and links...

Marketing George Bush

"You know I could run for governor but I’m basically a media creation. I’ve never done anything. I’ve worked for my dad. I worked in the oil business. But that’s not the kind of profile you have to have to get elected to public office."

To long- time friend from Yale and business partner Roland Betts; then goes on to run as oil tycoon and Vietnam War fighter pilot.

"I hope I’m not here to have to deal with it"

On the 2000 election campaign trail responding to reports from Texas about uncertainties in the state budget and deficiencies in state services that took a backseat to Bush’s $1.7 billion tax cut.

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